Professor and Dean, seventeen years of experience in managing educational programs and professional teams in Europe

At MedTech our philosophy of higher education is driven by a three-fold strategy serving one central mission of placing students in the center of all learning and teaching activities.

The first element of MedTech policy is to provide students with a personal exploratory learning environment. Our course offering and training is driven by student-centered learning environment, in which students can contribute to the content of teaching, the learning process and learning objectives themselves. A key element of MedTech curriculum is the focus on problem-based and project-based learning. All students are trained in taking responsibility for their learning and the teachers, supervisors and the educational environment are all resources in this process.

The second element is to foster the knowledge triangle between education, innovation and research by encouraging faculty and students at all levels to be creative independent thinkers and engage together in innovative projects and activities in and out of the classroom. MedTech as a whole is committed to providing a technical and social setting that can help improve the contribution of research and innovation to the resolution of key societal challenges.

The third element of MedTech strategy is to maintain strong national and international collaboration with industrial and academic stakeholders. The close relationship to industry is an important profile of MedTech. Our students are offered an academic environment in which theoretical knowledge is important – and at the same time an environment in which they grow as professional practitioners. We believe that this exchange of experience provides our students with better employment possibilities and an excellent opportunity for creating new business startups.

Our collaboration with academic partners keeps us up to date with the latest pedagogical innovations and at the forefront of accredited educational programs.