Duties and Responsibilities

The academic board (“Conseil Scientifique”) sets the overall direction for the school’s academic programs and policies. More specifically, the council:

  • Approves the academic programs to be offered by the school and proposes new ones.
  • Reviews the entry and graduation requirements, admission policies, as well as high-level assessment and evaluation policies.
  • Reviews faculty recruitment and development policies.
  • Proposes changes to existing academic policies and procedures.


The law of 2000-73 of 25 July 2000 requires at least two thirds of the scientific council to be permanent faculty, holding advanced graduate degrees.

The current scientific council of MedTech consists of the Dean, 3 professors, and 2 external members from the industry.

In addition to the voting members, the Chair may invite additional experts to attend meetings of the academic board based on the topics on the agenda. Such members are non-voting.

Additionally, a Ministry representative is invited to participate in the meetings of the board as an observer.

Terms of Office

Members are elected for 2 years.


The Dean acts as the chair of the academic board.


The academic board meets at least twice a year. A quorum of at least half the members shall be present to hold the meeting. Motions are adopted with at least 2/3 of the votes.