The President is the ultimate executive authority. He approves the proposals of the strategic and operational plans before submission to the board and oversees their execution. He approves all major financial engagements, recruitments, procurement, and expansion decisions.


The Dean runs the Institute and heads the Academic Board. He is responsible for all academic matters and for the quality of student life and learning experience on campus. He is also responsible for overseeing external engagement, partnerships and cooperation. He develops and submits the strategic plan for the president and Board for approval. He oversees the development of the operational plans and budgets with the help of the relevant Directorships and submits it for approval by the President and executive council.

The President and Dean are assisted with two special units: Internal Audit and Strategic Planning units.

Executive council

The executive council includes the President, Dean, and Directors of the departments (Academic affairs, student affairs, shared services, Communications, QAA). It approves the School’s detailed operational plan and meets regularly monitor its progress and ensure its proper execution.