medtech-ideationcampThe Mediterranean School of Business (MSB) is hosting, Monday, July the 13th starting 10:00 A.M, the action “Entrepreneurship Against Terrorism, initiated by actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and associations of the Tunisian civil society, following the multiple terrorist attacks in Tunisia. This project was launched thanks to the combined efforts of MSB, Cogite coworking space, Boost, Apéro Entrepreneurs, Lab’ESS, Cofundy, Réseau Entreprendre Tunisie, Labo Démocratique, Enactus MSB, Art Tunis, YSB Tunisie and TAYP.

This action aims to bring together all the efforts, creativity and commitment of the business and entrepreneurial fabric and civil society, not only to find original solutions to the problem of terrorism, but also to send a strong signal of commitment towards the prosperity and development of the country.

During the day, teams of young entrepreneurs will work on proposals to counter terrorism, prevent extremist tendencies and reduce its consequences. Those very same solutions will be presented by the teams at 9:00 P.M in front of a panel of experts and guests.

The best project will receive support for its development from par Apéro Entrepreneurs, Lab’ess, Réseau Entreprendre Tunisie and ENACTUS-MSB and will be hosted by Cogite Coworking Space. Finally, as per the funding, the project will receive all the expertise and support of Cofundy to create a crowd funding campaign.

Monday, July the 13th, 2015
Location: MSB-MedTech Campus