New Partnership in the field of Renewable Energies – An interactive seminar on the “Application of Nanomaterials in the Renewable Energies Sector” was given by Prof. Radhouane Chtourou at the MedTech Amphitheatre on October 12th. Dr. Chtourou is full Professor of Physics and Director of the CRTEn – Research and Technology Center of Energy LanSER Laboratory at the ECOPARK (unique technocenter for environmental science and R&D in Tunisia)

The students were introduced to the research topics in the center and to current developments in the design of nanostructured materials for solar capture energy.

A partnership is being formulated with CRTEn to guarantee an upgrading and an updating of our curriculum of renewable energy engineering.

To make full use of the partnership, Renewable Energies students paid a visit to the center on Friday, October 4th, 2016 [See More: Hyperlink to the 4th article].


November 17th 2016