Software Improvement Laboratory


Software Improvement Laboratory (SIM), is established since 2018. Its interest corresponds to all aspects of software engineering. It focuses on the development and design of high-quality software which are quality assurance, model-driven, software architecture, as well as software testing activities. It is centered around applied research, new techniques, approaches, and technologies.

The laboratory covers a wide range of research topics related to software improvement, comprising three main areas:

– Software verification and validation,

– Software Refactoring

– Software Measurement

SIM has collaborated with Sama Partner (IT Germany company). It also works closely with other large industrial players.


Software engineering, Computer science, Génie logiciel, Master génie logiciel, Licence informatique

Team Members

• Imed Hammouda

• Salma Hamza

• Dorra Louati

• Heger Arfaoui

• Amine Ben Hassouna

• Cyrine Ben Messkina

• Jihene Ben Naceur