SMU was proud to host the CEO of Demola on February 19th, 2019 in order to discuss and build a partnership to launch Demola in Tunisia and the MENA region. The plan for South Mediterranean University is to host Demola Tunisia in cooperation with major universities and leading industry players in the country. Demola has originally started in Finland in 2008.

Demola is an international organization that facilitates co-creation projects between university students and companies, either locally or internationally, with the aim of finding innovative solutions to the needs of companies, institutions, and organizations that are seeking for the spark of creativity, design thinking, and new products. Multidisciplinary Demola student teams work on real-life cases together with partner companies.

For instance, teams create and refine business concepts, develop new products, or build demos and prototypes. The Demola team ensures that the process is facilitated and that the work is systematic and runs on schedule in order to yield meaningful results.

SMU was also glad to welcome some leading industry players in the country including representatives from Merck, MYConcierge, Gourmandise, Bacosport, Joe’s Pizza, SFBT, Zen Lab, Sartex, Group M, and Beware Consulting.