SMU offers state-of-the art facilities that are in line with international standards of top business schools around the globe. Every aspect of our two campuses (MSB and MedTech) favors a more satisfying student experience.


SMU Classrooms:

Classrooms are designed in a way that enhances student learning. Our flipped classrooms and amphitheaters allow our faculty to make more use of the space and to primarily focus on interactive teaching methods. Each room is fully equipped with the most advanced Information Technologies to ensure a more comfortable environment for both students and teachers as well as to enhance the overall learning experience.

SMU Student Boxes:

With group work, assignments, and presentations, SMU students need a physical space to practice and prepare. Seventeen student boxes – designated study group areas – are made available for students to get together and work on their projects. Each box contains a screen and a white board so that students can rehearse their presentations and/or review for exams. Using their student IDs, students can easily reserve boxes at the SMU Library.

The SMU Library:

The SMU Library has a capacity to hold up to one hundred students. Faculty and students can benefit from a wide-ranging variety of books and publications from internationally renowned academic journals and publishing houses. With an unlimited access to online databases of academic material, students are provided with an unparalleled quality of information that complements their program’s assigned readings and improve their research activities. In addition, the library holds a large meeting room for student clubs as well as an Idea Box, dedicated to creativity and innovation.

The Innovation Lab:

The Innovation Lab is a space entirely dedicated to creativity, problem solving, and experimentation. Its mission is “to help all entrepreneurs find, test, and realize innovative ideas”. The room serves both as a physical space where students can meet and discuss business ideas, but also as an incubator that helps turn business ideas into feasible and sustainable projects.

The SMU Advising and Counseling Center (ACC):

The ACC provides academic advising and individual counseling to current SMU students. The center works with members of the university to assist students resolve academic as well as psychological issues. It will assist them in developing interpersonal skills to help them grow personally, and build more satisfying relationships with friends and family.

The SMU Career Center:

The Career Center provides students and alumni with distinctive services, aimed at helping them define and reach their career goals, guiding them throughout their professional development, and helping them expand their professional network. The center is also committed to maintain and develop partnerships with SMU’s employers network and assist them in addressing their challenges in terms of recruitment needs.

The SMU Copy Center:

College is all about homework assignments and tight deadlines. Activities as simple as printing can therefore become a time-consuming challenge especially when you’re short on time and budget. This is why SMU provides students with printing, photocopying, and binding services on campus and at a fair price.

SMU Infirmaries:

SMU offers two fully equipped infirmaries with first aid material – one is located on MSB campus, the other on the MedTech campus. In addition, some of the university’s staff members have volunteered for first aid training. Trained volunteers are qualified to intervene when an emergency occurs on campus. They take charge of first aid arrangements such as performing first aid routines, looking after the first aid kit, and/or calling an ambulance.