Going to college is a transition that may seem frightening to some students particularly if the student is moving away from home. No need to be frightened!

While SMU does not offer university housing at the moment, our admission officers would be glad to advise you on related areas such as:

  • Real estate agencies
  • Transportation
  • Student budget and living expenses
  • Finding a roommate
  • Visa requirements (if applicable)
  • Cultural attractions
Our admission team is composed of qualified experts who are dedicated to making your transition from high school to university an easy and enjoyable experience.


The team’s relations with our local real estate agencies will reduce the inevitable stress of finding housing.

Planning your budget can be challenging when you are young and inexperienced. Transportation, groceries, going out with friends, and all other possible living expenses are areas our admission team can help you with.

An orientation session is organized every year to welcome freshmen before classes begin. This gathering is an opportunity for students to meet their peers and find potential roommates.

In addition, the admission team may guide international students on visa requirements, if applicable, as well cultural attractions around Tunisia.