Book Club

medtech1For all bibliophiles and lovers of the written word!

The book club meets monthly to discuss a book previously voted for and read by members.

Take a break from your studies and get lost in new worlds!


Dance Club

medtech2The Dance club runs workshops and classes in all kinds of dance styles.

Professionals and newbies alike are welcome to join in the fun.

A good way to unwind after a long day in the library.


Debate Club

medtech3A place to hone your skills in public speaking, arguing, critical thinking and team-work. Discussing contemporary issues relevant to today’s young people.

The debate club holds debates, runs workshops and has taken part in university and national debate championships.


Environmental Club

medtech4Engaging students with one of the biggest issues of our time.
The club tries to find proactive solutions to the problems we face environmentally as a community both here at SMU and globally.


Events Club

The events club runs a committee who help plan and support events at SMU. One of their big successes was last year’s International Day which had an Asian theme. For all social butterflies and creative types who want to work together to make magic here at SMU.


Film Club

For cinephiles and lovers of the silver screen. The club gets together regularly to watch and analyze films. So grab your popcorn and join in!


Finance Club

medtech5The finance club aims to introduce students to the exciting world of finance. Aiming to open doors and to create a strong network of financially-minded students.


Integration Club

medtech5The integration club, or as they like to be called Hakuna Matata, is all about community spirit, fun and integration! The club is active in organizing fun events like last year’s Pajama day and Traditional Costume day. They also aim to support students and the school community.


Music Club

The music club offers students the chance to start bands and practice together depending on their preferred styles.


Photography Club

medtech5The photography club offers workshops and classes on photography and visual arts as well as trips to take advantage of beautiful, photogenic Tunisia.


Radio Club

The radio club is interested in bringing music and joy to your days. Providing the soundtrack to your university experience.


Sports Club

medtech5As we all know, sports improves mood, gives us the opportunity to push ourselves, promotes good health in body, mind and soul and offers a great environment to make new friends. If you love football or any other sport get in touch and get involved in the sports club.


Theatre Club

medtech5Theatre offers students the chance to improve their confidence, test their creativity and work on their public speaking. A club for having fun and letting go but also for setting new challenges.


Young Professionals Club

The YPC is a junior enterprise initiative that links SMU students to the consulting industry companies in Tunisia. The YPC’s Club’s primary mission is to orient and advise student to fulfill in their internship requirement at SMU as well as start and participate in various professional events.



SMU also benefits from partnerships and relationships with national and international networks and associations. Many of these associations operate branches within SMUand recruit at our university.



medtech5AIESEC is the world’s largest student run-organization. It focuses on helping students to realize their leadership potential through facilitating project and work experience nationally and internationally. SMU is a member of the AIESEC Carthage network.



medtech5A group of student entrepreneurs looking to make the world a better place. Enactus has tasted delicious success with their Tunibee initiative to support Tunisian beekeepers and they have lots of new plans for the new academic year. The Enactus group benefit from the use of our fantastic Innovation Lab.


LEO Club Tunisia

medtech5The Leo club is part of the international Lion clubs network. Dedicated young people who want to serve their communities and make the world a better place. Throughout the year they run trainings, initiatives and organize social projects.


Youth Mediterranean Consulting

Founded in May 2016, The Youth Mediterranean Consulting is the Junior Enterprise of the South Mediterranean University.
Thanks to its strategic location, SMU offers the necessary infrastructure for the development of its junior company, which is the result of the structured and organized work of its students.
Supported by a team of qualified teachers, the YMC is dedicated to helping local and international companies achieve their goals and give new life to organizations.
Facebook link:



Elia is a student led organization aiming to promote social change with the university through the organization of fundraising events. The organization also aims to provide training opportunities for students at SMU


Film Club

The SMU Film Club gives students the opportunity to watch, discuss, and review films. The film club organizes an event each week.


Club Tunivisions MSB

Club Tunivisions MSB is a journalism club that aims to cover cultural, artistic, and sports activities on and off campus. The club also organizes coaching and personal development trainings with the support of the Tunivisions foundation.
Facebook link:


The Pulse Blog

The pulse is a bog created by SMU students where students get the opportunities to post articles about various subjects.
Blog link:



Waves provides the opportunity to students to practice the theoretical part of their studies by conducting real-life projects.